The Network Technology Seminar once again served to bring different communities together around the common goal of completing the transition to IP-based production infrastructures. The conference room at EBU Headquarters was full to capacity for the event, with others following from afar on the live stream – more than 150 participants in total.

EBU Members can now access slides and videos from the event. (Videos are being added progressively.)

While many speakers reported on difficulties they have been facing in switching from traditional SDI-based equipment, all were positive about the new workflows and added flexibility that IP production promises to bring. Non-support for the NMOS specifications in new IP products was one recurring complaint along with insufficient security measures.

The EBU Technology Pyramid for Media Nodes made several appearances throughout the event, along with calls for broadcasters to unite in calling on the industry to deliver products that support the full stack of requirements. Progress has been made, as evidenced by the new facilities nearing completion in Cardiff (BBC), Montreal (CBC/Radio-Canada) and Zurich (tpc), but many workarounds will be required until fully working solutions are available on the market.

New Strategic Programme

NTS delegates were also introduced to the new Workplan 2019-21 of the EBU Technical Committee. It includes the launch of a new Strategic Programme on Infrastructures & Security, which will be chaired by Phil Tudor of BBC.

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