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The EBU has released its source code for the voice-controlled radio, a joint collaboration between the EBU and the NAB's PILOT project, at the annual FOSDEM event in Brussels (2-3 February). 

The annual FOSDEM event, held in Brussels, is a key part of the calendar for people involved in the open-source community. Drawing in thousands of attendees to see over 700 talks during the course of a weekend, 62 different tracks cover topics from traditional programming languages to open-source in design. The EBU was part of the team helping to organise the "Open Media" room on Saturday, with presentations covering how open-source helps broadcasters and media organizations.

This year, FOSDEM featured two presentations on EBU projects: The Voice-controlled Radio (VCR) and Live IP Software Toolkit (LIST). Open-source is key to fostering open innovation, a vital part of the the work of the EBU and its Members.

The EBU runs and collaborates in many open-source projects and events, including the annual EBU RadioHack event, held this year 11-12 February, in Geneva.

Voice-Controlled Radio goes open-source

A joint collaboration between the EBU and the NAB's PILOT project, the radio was first demonstrated at IBC2018 in September. Since then, work has been done on making it ready for an open-source release - with both the software and hardware designs and build instructions released to the public. The intention is to both demonstrate how this has been done, but also to foster a community around the project. 

Released under the permissive MIT license, this allows for organisations and individuals to take the code for their own purpose, and integrate into their own project and products. The EBU supports the development of open standards, particular for radio services, and by contributing prototypes such as the VCR helps to provide a demonstration of how they can be used more widely. This follows the news that the EBU has also released its platform for publishing radio service data using these open standards, the RadioDNS Manager, as well as a demonstrator client for Android.

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Live IP Software Toolkit

The EBU also presented its work with the Live IP Software Toolkit (LIST). LIST is a suite of software tools that help to inspect, measure and visualize the state of IP-based networks and the high-bitrate media traffic they carry. These are crucial functions in environments that deliver production capacities based on flexible and scalable IP-based infrastructures.

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