After four years at the helm, SRG CISO Andreas Schneider is leaving the EBU Cybersecurity strategic programme chairmanship. He is succeeded by John Moylan, CISO at RTÉ, and Claus Bayer, CISO at ZDF, who are taking on the responsibilities as chair and co-chair respectively.

During Schneider’s tenure, the group developed a three-pillar strategy to help the media industry become more secure. Issuing a set of tailor-made media security recommendations and hosting dedicated seminars and webinars, it raised awareness of security as a business risk and educated the community about best practices for cybersecurity in media organizations. The recommendations are also having an impact and vendors: EBU Recommendation R 143, which sets out guidelines for vendors of media systems, software and services, is adopted by media companies and vendors worldwide.

“We are grateful to Andreas for his contribution and thought leadership in the strategic program and the EBU in general. I am delighted to welcome John and Claus in their new roles to continue and further develop the legacy established with Andreas”, said Adi Kouadio, who manages the Media Cybersecurity strategic programme at EBU.

As new chair, RTÉCISO John Moylan said: “It is an honor to chair such a group of talented experts. The road to bring the media industry up to speed on cybersecurity is not easy, especially with the growing threats towards digital services and public service media in general. But we have established a strong strategy that will help achieve our goal.”

Co-chair Claus Bayer added: “One of the key challenges for broadcasters is to have proper governance for cybersecurity within their organization, and for systems vendors to perform the minimum security due diligence on their hardware and software. As a group we are committed to help both communities in this process.”

The EBU Media Cybersecurity programme is a growing group of 17 CISOs (Chief Information Security Officer) from European public service media organizations that are actively working on securing media services and businesses. For more information on the strategic progamme, visit


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