The cover photo of the latest issue of our quarterly magazine provides a clue about the kinds of change we're referring to in the headline. While software has been integral to the business of broadcasting for many years, it is only recently that we have seen the culture of software engineering starting to have a greater influence. It's a subject that surfaces in several articles in issue 37 of tech-i, now available for download.

PSM & software development

We hear from three different EBU Members – in Sweden, Estonia and Switzerland – about how software engineering is handled within their organization. While there are some commonalities, e.g. the mix of in-house and outsourced development, there are differences too. While ERR has a heavy preference for the use of open source tools over proprietary solutions, at SVT the attitude is more agnostic when it comes to testing new frameworks and solutions. Read pages 8 and 9 for some valuable insights from Gereon Kåver (SVT), Jaanus Lillenberg (ERR) and Mathias Coinchon (RTS).

At EBU Technology & Innovation the evolution towards more software-based and software-influenced activities has also been evident. In the magazine you can read how Members are supported through the provision of platforms based on both GitHub and GitLab, each used for a variety of different projects. One such project, also the topic of an article, is the Live IP Software Toolkit (LIST), a new resource that promises to be of great value to both Members and the wider industry.

And more...

Other articles in this issue of tech-i include:

  • VRT's Marc Walraven on how adopting a more all-encompassing view of the user experience led to accessibility being considered much earlier in the development process. The UX of the broadcaster's Sporza app is one result of the new approach.
  • A report from the Bergen-based Norwegian Media Cluster, which has emerged as a world leader in AR, graphics, visualization and more. Two EBU Members – TV 2 and NRK – are members of the cluster.
  • is a new initiative that aims to help EBU Members and others create some of the essential building blocks to ensure a successful future for radio. Ben Poor makes the pitch.
  • Eurovision Media Services is building the network of the future, putting in place tools that enable the delivery of premium services in an enterprise-quality cloud. Head of Technology & Solutions Oscar Teran provides an overview.
  • Adi Kouadio explains how the EBU is helping Members to better understand the threats associated with media cybersecurity and equipping them with tools to address those threats.
  • David Wood asks where, when and how a media organization should use its limited resources in the most cost-effective way, particularly when it comes to competing with the web-based media giants.
  • HbbTV is the featured organization in our Partner Profiles section, while new Technical Committee member Michael Eberhard (SWR) is "In the spotlight".

In addition to all of the above, the magazine includes news from the recent Technical Assembly, a selection of quotable quotes from June's Network Technology Seminar and a review of EBU Media Intelligence Service reports of particular relevance to the technical community.

Download issue 37 of tech-i (PDF)

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