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For two days next week, Geneva will host the world's foremost experts on Live IP production infrastructures: the annual EBU Network Technology Seminar 2018, 19-20 June, assembles trailblazers building new IP-based facilities based on SMPTE ST 2110, leaders of the ongoing international standardization efforts, and creative engineers working on specialized aspects of Live IP technology. It's an indispensible event for public service media organizations that are in the process of, or planning to, modernize their facilities.

On stream

NTS 2018 sold out weeks in advance, but the event is also available as a live stream. Participants on the stream can select which tutorial track to follow, send questions to presenters in the room, participate in live polls, and get permanent access to the event resources, just like participants on site.

Getting to grips with IP

Production infrastructure is a major investment for broadcasters, so being ready for the future is key. IP-based live production networks promise many benefits as they are content-agnostic, scalable, and, in principle, flexible. Solutions based on SMPTE ST 2110 and AMWA interface specifications benefit from an ever-growing list of supporting vendors and compatible gear. But there is still a lot to be learned, best practice to be established, standardization gaps to be filled and tools for the network to be developed. NTS delivers both the big picture and drills down into the details that matter.

Thomas Edwards of Fox, and David Law, Chair of the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group, will be setting the scene with their keynote presentations on Tuesday morning. With a close eye on the current standards situation and relevant use cases, the event also covers the ongoing trend of dematerialization with cloud-based services, audio over IP, and new developments on the horizon. The event also offers several hand-on tutorials, and, for attendees on site in Geneva, an extensive array of demonstrations.

The full programme is available on the NTS 2018 website.



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