Network Technology Seminar 2018

19 - 20 Jun 2018
EBU Geneva

The EBU Network Technology Seminar at EBU HQ in Geneva is the annual rendezvous for broadcast experts dealing with IP production infrastructure, as well as for IT network and storage specialists that deal with broadcast media content.

NTS 2018 consists of focused presentations from pre-eminent experts in the field, gives participants a choice of several in-depth tutorials at both introductory and advanced levels, and lines up an array of cutting-edge technology demonstrations. NTS also provides networking opportunities with peers and experts from the international broadcasting industry.

A paid live stream is available for participants who are unable to join on location.

On the agenda for NTS 2018

Expert conference presentations, in-depth Tutorials and cutting-edge Demonstrations.

  • SMPTE 2110 – what it does, and what it doesn't do
  • Progress on the JT-NM roadmap
  • Missing links in the standards world
  • Controlling Audio over IP
  • Cloud-based Production – the now, the cutting edge, and what is yet to come
  • 5G and what it may enable

NTS 2017 presentations

Presentations and videos from last year's Network Technology Seminar are made available for EBU Members and 2017 conference participants here.

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