The EBU has launched a survey to learn more about Public Service Media's appetite for Augmented Reality (AR). The technology will most likely experience a boost in popularity with the roll-out of several new platforms on social media and smartphones this year. The information gathered by the survey will be used to tailor the EBU's support for Members who want to learn more about AR.

AR & VR on EBU roadmap

Frans de Jong, coordinator of the EBU Video Systems group, explains: "We are keen to improve not only the understanding of the workflows and technology roadmaps of these immersive media technologies, but also of the editorial opportunities and implications. Our 2017-2019 Technology & Innovation workplan, endorsed by our Members, tasks us to analyse new video and audio systems such as VR and AR. We have already started a user group for VR and now it is time for a more in-depth analysis of AR. The information gathered will help us to guide all Members and to optimize how we can best support them."

More information

The EBU AR survey closes 15 September. EBU Members wanting to participate are encouraged to request a survey link from EBU Research Engineer Paola Sunna, who is also the contact point for all requests relating to AR and VR technologies. The VR user group (open to all users) can be joined here.

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