Participants in the EBU's IOI – Implementing Open Innovation – programme have been invited to visit one of the world's most innovative media companies. From its base in Salzburg, over the past ten years Red Bull Media House – founded by the well-known energy drink maker – has become a global media player, producing and distributing groundbreaking content for a multitude of platforms.

Targeting Gen-Z

The company's innovation office works to a clear brief, ecapsulated in three stages: Scout – Check – Make It Happen. With a tight focus on Generation Z, those today aged 7-21, innovation is seen as crucial to ensuring the future of the brand.

The scouting phase is about exploring and discovering new ideas, formats, trends and technologies that have the potential to shape the future of media. Those ideas that have the highest potential to  resonate with Generation Z are then tested and played with, usually in conjunction with external partners and stakeholders. Where the team agrees that an idea has value, it is taken forward to become part of the RBMH Innovation Portfolio, with the team doing whatever is necessary to "make it happen".

Limited places

The visit to Salzburg, open to EBU Members only, will take place across two days in November and is limited to a maximum of 25 participants. As with previous IOI visits, the aim will be to identify RBMH's innovation strategies and processes; use cases and success metrics; the ecosystem of partners; and how the seamless integration of successful innovations into existing processes is ensured.

The EBU IOI programme is jointly run by the Technology & Innovation Department and the EBU Academy (part of the Media Department). EBU Members are encouraged to visit the IOI workspace and to register for the visit to Red Bull Media House via the EBU Academy.

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