The Metadata Developer Network's annual workshop at EBU headquarters in Geneva hit a new participation record this year, with nearly fifty participants joining in person and online from Europe, Australia, Canada, the USA and other countries.

Metadata, the layer of information required to exploit and manage exponentially growing volumes of media data intelligently, is a key area of interest for media organizations hoping to streamline workflows and the delivery of personalized content on multiple platforms.

Over the course of three days, the MDN Workshop's programme covered a large number of topics, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications around semantic data and automatic metadata extraction.

The conference also addressed tools, platforms and ongoing development work using EBU standards such as EBUCore, CCDM (Class Conceptual Data Model), FIMS in the cloud and several ongoing research and development efforts at EBU members. Tormod Vaervagen (NRK) and Mike Matton (VRT) reported on the EBU's activity around information management.


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