Belgian broadcaster VRT plans to move its entire staff to a new building as of 2021. Construction on the new facilities will begin soon; expert groups have been studying the infrastructure and workflows of the future, with a view to implementing these even before the move takes place.

Many EBU Members are, of course, undertaking similar projects and there is much knowledge to be shared. EBU programmes such as Flexible Content Production and Future Networked Systems (through its New IP Facilities subgroup) provide ongoing frameworks for exchange. However, in the context of its own new building project, VRT has partnered with the EBU to organize a workshop later this month.

Human spaces

Titled "The next gen PSM", the free workshop in Brussels (23-24 March) will focus on new media facilities and inspiring workplaces for the media sector.

In addition to a tour of VRT's current premises (including their "word rich" and Live IP studios) and insights into the new building project, the workshop will also feature a number of expert presentations. Two keynote speakers have been lined up to talk about the relationship between humans and the spaces in which they work: neuropsychiatrist Prof Dr Theo Compernolle (pictured above), author of BrainChains, and Wim Pullen of the Centre for People and Buildings at TU Delft.

For more information on the workshop and to regisiter, visit our Events section.

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