EBU/VRT Workshop: Next Generation Public Service Media

New facilities and changing ways of working

In collaboration with the EBU groups on Flexible Content Production (FCP) and New IP Facilities (NIF, a sub-group of FNS).

Many Members have plans for a new building and/or adapting work processes in the near future. VRT will begin with constructing their new facilities soon with the aim of having all staff working in the new VRT building as of 2021.

To avoid reinventing the wheel, VRT initiated the organization of a workshop titled “The next gen PSM”. 

"Expert groups are studying the infrastructure and workflows of the future, so that we can implement these even before we move. But of course, we must take some time for reflection and exchange in order to enrich our ideas."

VRT hosted this two-day workshop on new media facilities and inspiring workplaces for the media sector.

The presentations and other materials from the event are available from the FCP workspace.

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Dr. Theo Compernolle
Neuropsychiatrist, author of ‘BrainChains’

“What do you know about the effect on your brain, your intellectual productivity and wellbeing, of the improper use of your wonderful information and communication technology, of always being connected, multitasking and … poorly designed open offices? For 99% of professionals, the answer is: NOTHING!”

Wim Pullen
Centre for People and Buildings, TU Delft

The Centre for People and Buildings is a knowledge center specialized in the relationship between people, work and the work environment. The CfPB collects, develops and provides knowledge about accommodation issues. This helps organizations make informed, evidence-based decisions for a new work environment.

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