As the EBUCore developer and user community continues to grow, metadata experts have been working on further enrichment of the EBU's flagship metadata specification. Version 1.7 of EBUCore is now accessible from

The definitions in EBUCore 1.7 have been refined and the schema structure has been reinforced taking into new requirements and feedback from implementers.

EBUCore 1.7 also takes into account the latest developments in the Semantic Web and Linked Open Data communities. Its ontology has been updated to complement the EBU CCDM (Class Conceptual Data Model) and improve mapping with other ontologies.

All changes and additions are duly documented in the schema accessible from the download zone (section 6) of the specification.

Looking to Version 1.8

EBUCore 1.8 is already on track. It will include an audio definition model update, to maintain tight alignment of the schema with ITU definitions, new objects like production assets, a common format for dynamic metadata extraction, and more.

The EBUCore schema and ontology are also evolving to further meet the requirements from FIMS, EBU’s CCDM and metadata in the IMF-TV profile.

We value feedback and the expression of needs from EBU Members and independent implementers. Those who are using or planning to use EBUCore are encouraged to engage with the community. For more information visit the Metadata Models section of this site or contact Jean-Pierre Evain (

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