At IBC 2016 participants in the EBU's Strategic Programme on Quality Control will visit eight vendors who provide Quality Control (QC) products for files adhering to the Interoperable Master Format (IMF). The main aim is to obtain a good picture of the type of IMF QC products currently on offer and to discuss standardization of the IMF (QC), including the creation of IMF QC Templates. Please contact for more information on joining the group and the visits.


The visits are one element of the EBU's ongoing work to examine the applicability of the IMF for broadcasters. Another one is the EBU Group on IMF for Television, called 'IMF-TV', which the EBU started earlier this year. The main task of the Group is identify in which scenarios and with which specific requirements the IMF is attractive for broadcast operations and to propose any new standardization work, if needed.

So far, three main scenarios for using the IMF in broadcast operations have been identified:

  1. Sending (versioned) content to third parties, such as OTT operators;
  2. Receiving air-masters for play-out and online distribution;
  3. Archiving content with all its relevant parts.

IMF plugfest in Geneva

Other EBU activities relate to educating its Membership on the IMF and supporting the SMPTE standardization work in this domain, e.g. by hosting the upcoming IMF plugfest at the EBU HQ in Geneva, on 14 September 2016 (the Wednesday after IBC).


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