A hot topic in the broadcast and consumer electronics industries – the use of High Dynamic Range (HDR) is currently being debated by various organizations working to develop industry standards to handle HDR. 
Against this background, the EBU is pleased to announce that the IBC Conference Prize is to be awarded Andrew Cotton and Tim Borer of BBC Research & Development for their paper ‘A display independent high dynamic range television system.’
The BBC paper looks in detail how HDR can be delivered and displayed while remaining compatible with conventional systems. The paper will be presented in the IBC Conference in a session starting at 14:00 on Friday 11 September.  Members from BBC R&D will also be present at the EBU Stand (10.F20) to demonstrate the effects of HDR alongside EBU demonstrations on UHDTV and HFR.
“This year’s winner describes a novel solution that could fundamentally influence how we perceive tomorrow’s ultra-high definition video,” said Dr. Nick Lodge, chair of the technical papers committee in a statement, “In their very clear paper, Andrew and Tim explain how they brought together theory in engineering and visual psychology, along with practical experiments, to arrive at a high quality, flexible representation of high dynamic range video. This is creative technology at its very best.”
As Simon Fell, Director of Technology & Innovation at EBU put it, "HDR is a contributor to tomorrow's immersive UHDTV experience. It is critical for the industry and consumers to get this right. It is good to see IBC recognise the BBC's valuable contribution to this research.” 

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