The Metadata Developer Network will have its 5th annual workshop on 9-10 June 2015 at the EBU Headquarters in Geneva, immediately followed by a SCAIE workshop on automatic metadata extraction on 11 June 2015.

The MDN workshop is now a well recognized opportunity for developers to come together and exchange expertise over a wide range of technical domains related to broadcasting, as brilliantly illustrated by this year programme. Unlike other conferences, MDN presentations go further into the details with the possibility of hands-on demonstrations by the people who make it happen.

The SCAIE workshop wants to bring together ICT specialists and broadcast industry stakeholders aiming at valorizing metadata extraction and integrating tools into production workflows.

There is no question about the fact that metadata has reached its due level of maturity as the lifeblood of audio-visual production. If you want to learn more or meet fellow developers to share your own experience or investigate new directions, come and join us in Geneva!

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