EBU has published a set of high-level requirements that apply across all distribution platforms in order to ensure the desired availability and technical quality of Public Service Media (PSM) services.
PSM organisations produce a wide range of services and use different ways to deliver these services to viewers and listeners who have a number of user devices at their disposal. Not all distribution methods are equally suitable for all services. Likewise, not all user devices come with the same capabilities. This may result, in some cases, in poor user experience. In addition, sometimes services may be unavailable or the quality level actually provided may be inadequate because of technical or commercial reasons beyond broadcasters’ control.
General requirements address not only technical issues but also regulatory, market and business-related aspects relevant for PSM organisations and apply across all distribution options.
Further information on broadcasters requirements, the relevant use case and the available distribution methods is provided in the EBU Technical Report 026
The work on a range of issues related to distribution of PSM content and services continues in the EBU Strategic Programme on Future Distribution Strategies (FDS).

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