The Digital Radio Summit brings together around 120 key players from Europe’s radio community to share ideas, experiences and inspiration. Taking place during the EBU’s Radio Week, on 11 February in Geneva, the event showcases market updates and discusses the newest technology trends for radio, as well as, updates from the main standards associations.
This year’s event will prove no different. Technology & Innovation Director, Simon Fell, will kick-start the event with opening remarks. Michael Hill, Radioplayer UK, will set the scene by taking a closer look at how broadcast and internet radio will offer an attractive listener experience in the future and Frank Nowack, Ford, will dive into the mobile experience and the future role of the in-car radio.
Other highlights to keep an eye on will include organizational updates from WorldDMB, DRM, RadioDNS, TISA and IDAG.  Countries will also have the chance to ‘have their say’ during the country updates session.
This year’s summit will also tackle digital migration, smart and hybrid radio, as well as, radio in smartphones.  We’ll take a look at whether or not we can unite broadcasters around a single radio application and radio tagging and personalization. Our panel discussion will bring together some of the key speakers to continue the discussion on: do we need radio in smartphones?
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