The EBU has published EBU Tech 3381 version 1.0 , which defines the carriage of EBU-TT-D files in ISOBMFF containers. This can be used to embed EBU-TT-D content in MPEG-4, JPEG 2000, and MPEG-DASH, for example.

Small differences

A draft version of EBU Tech 3381 was published in January 2014, awaiting final publication of the referenced ISO MPEG standards. This version of Tech 3381 is stable and does not differ much from v0.9. Besides updated references to the published MPEG specs, it includes some minor editorial improvements to clarify the meaning, including a note on what 'empty samples' can be.

More coming up

The EBU Group responsible for the EBU-TT specifications is currently working on updates to the EBU-TT archive and exchange format ( EBU Tech 3350 ) and the STL to EBU-TT mapping ( EBU Tech 3360 ), and on a first version of the EBU-TT specification for the contribution of high quality subtitles in a broadcast play out environment including live authored subtitles, covering use cases such as hand-over from subtitler to subtitler and capture of timing information to allow for onward distribution and archiving. Another important work item is the ongoing alignment between EBU-TT-D and the IMSC profile of TTML, which is currently being completed in W3C.

For more information on EBU-TT or related subtitling activities, contact: Frans de Jong (EBU) .

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