Network & Learn: Public Media Newsrooms

27 - 28 Mar 2017
at ZDF, Mainz

From Platform Integration to Digital Innovation

Innovation in news is key to address the audience expectations in terms of personalization, mobility and engagement. This Network & Learn offers the opportunity to:

  • Review the challenges of a rapidly changing digital news landscape and how to address them through innovative products and solutions
  • Take stock of key EBU Members’ newsroom convergence projects and learn about new developments
  • Get introduced to the new EBU strategic programme Flexible Content Production (FCP) for digital audiences and review objectives and deliverables together with peers


  • Heads of news, cross media editors, TV, radio and online editors
  • Heads of production (IT and broadcast), integration project managers and their teams
  • Newsroom professionals with editorial, technology and production backgrounds
  • Heads of strategy, heads of innovation and technology strategists


  • Lessons learned from four years of Integrated Media Production Strategies (IMPS), including newsroom organization, the rise of online and social media and the emergence of new professional profiles.
  • The move from hardware- to software-based systems, IP and data-driven networked media, plus the question what is driving personalization, recommendation and interactivity.
  • Focus on the innovative products and processes capable of responding to the major digital media consumption challenges
  • The new framework for EBU Members’ collaboration, i.e. Flexible Content Production for digital audiences (FCP).


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