Note: This group has concluded its work and is closed.

Personalizing the Audience user experience involves complex distributed systems and require a high level of tuning in order to best engage the audience. To remain competitive, broadcasters need to find ways to personaize their content.


Traditionally, broadcasters schedule their linear content to suit an assumption of generic group of consumers. However broadcasters online services are becoming more and more relevant, they offer content personalisation based on consumers profile, location, devices and behaviours in addition to the more traditional content genre, time-of-day and channel characteristics. Thus the broadcaster must address a new set of technological challenges. 

Furthermore, vertically integrated Over-the-Top (OTT) providers offer an attractive personalised service. PSM organisations seek to offer the same user experience, while addressing the specific requirements and context of broadcasters.

The right content at the right time for the right person on the right device – as broadcasters are faced with competition from multinational online-giants and looking for ways to efficiently increase reach and relevance, the European Broadcasting Union is working with its Members to give editorial teams a set of powerful tools to deliver relevant content to audiences.

Joining Forces

Keeping control over the algorithms driving content delivery is key for Public Service Media, not only to maintain editorial independence and impartiality, but also to live up to the trust placed in them by the public in today's data-driven world.

To that end, Public Broadcasters RTS, BR and others have joined up around the EBU's PEACH project (Personalization for EACH), a working group applying InnerSource practices to co-develop the required solutions.


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