Special WRC-19/23 Review Workshop

The World Radiocommunication Conference in 2023 will have a significant impact on the future of the broadcast delivery of media services and PMSE services that are used for production of audio-visual content, news and events.

To prepare for WRC-23, the broadcast community will have less than three years to conduct the required technical studies and lobbying. The objective of this workshop was to gather the broadcast community in order to define a roadmap of activities and to identify actions for the various stakeholders.

Start preparing for WRC-23

The workshop reviewed the outcomes of WRC-19, held in November 2019 in Sharm el Sheikh. One of the outcomes of WRC-19 was the agenda for WRC-23. The EBU's work on spectrum issues in the interim will be informed by the WRC-23 agenda.

Work to ensure that the needs of media production and distribution are met is as important as ever: At WRC-15 it was agreed that in WRC-23 there would be an agenda item to review the 470-960 MHz band and to consider possible regulatory actions in the frequency band 470-694 MHz in Region 1, as appropriate. WRC-19 has confirmed this agenda item.


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