21st Technical Assembly

How are technological developments transforming broadcast media? This was the key question asked by Simon Gauntlett (DTG) at the beginning of this year’s Technical Assembly in Krakow, Poland.  Referencing the 1985 classic, Back to the Future, he asked participants to think about whether or not we have reached the ‘future’ Marty McFly visited in the film. 
This year marks the 21st Technical Assembly of the EBU (hosted by Telewizja Polska) and a few months before Marty’s future will have been realized, a poignant time to take a closer look at where we are today in broadcast media and how close we are to the film’s predictions.  We don’t yet have flying cars, but what about wearable technology, video calls or virtual reality? It seems we’re getting closer.
Transforming the future of broadcast media and how broadcasters are adapting to changes in media delivery were the fundamental themes of the Assembly. Mick De Valck (VRT) stressed the importance of being agile. “We need to go digital,” he said and called on broadcasters to continue to improve collaboration within their organizations and externally.  Read more.

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