Production Technology Seminar 2024

PTS 2024 – the Nexus of Innovation and Transformation. Join us to define the media production technology of tomorrow!

About PTS 2024

The annual Production Technology Seminar focuses on recent and future developments in media production technology. It is a key industry event for those needing to make informed strategic decisions in the technical domain.

Over 2.5 days, PTS gives you the insights, ideas and contacts you need to help you move forward with confidence in 2024. PTS is confluence of pioneering minds and groundbreaking ideas that inspire.

What matters in 2024

We'll delve into the realms of cutting-edge media production technologies, explore the profound impact of Artificial Intelligence, unravel the intricacies of software-based workflows and uses cases, and explore best practices for strategic decision making with all this in mind.

Beyond IP-based production and the impact of hyperscalers

Hyperscalers have become veritable juggernauts that are reshaping how content is created, distributed, and consumed. We'll dissect and discuss the paradigm shifts propelled by hyperscalers on one side, and business and PSM imperatives on the other.

A glimpse into the eternal future: Immersive media and innovative labs

Immersive media has served as a beacon of new possibilities for decades. Projects such as the Las Vegas Sphere illustrate that there are audiences with an appetite for experiences, as well as the enduring willingness of players to aim for a breakthrough. At PTS 2024, we'll take another look over the horizong and into the labs of our Members and industry-leading providers to see what's cooking.

Workshops – an invitation to shape the future

At PTS, you join our workshops not only to learn from leading experts, but also for a chance to have your ideas inspire or inform EBU action and the industry's direction. Whether you’re a CTO or technology experts, an aspiring creator, or a visionary entrepreneur, PTS 2024 is a forum for your ideas and visions.