Production Technology Seminar 2012

Session 3: Display, Lights and Camera technologies
Will OLED supersede CRT for reference monitors? - Friedrich Gierlinger, IRT
LED lighting and impact on production - Alan Roberts
Report on EBU Gamma/EOTF measurements -  Richard Salmon, BBC
Camera guidelines (EBU R118 and the tech note) - Andy  Quested, BBC
Tablets as production tools - Peter Brightwell, BBC

Session 4: Quality control and measurement
QC in file-based environments - Andy Quested, BBC
Introduction to file QC and QC workflow - Reinhard Knör, IRT
Use Case 1: Quality Control in a file based environment - Roberto Borgotallo, RAI
Use Case 2: Automated QC for ingest, production and transmission - Kjell Ove Nordlien and Jarle Igeltjorn, NRK
Report of the QC Strategic Group - Andy Quested, BBC
Requirements for automated QC - Reinhard Knör, IRT

Session 5: Audio
Deploying EBU R 128 Loudness standards  –  from the field - Florian Camerer, ORF
MCA to stereo : Producing multichannel audio with downmix in mind - Stefan Meltzer,  Fraunhofer and Christofer Bustad, SR
Programme handling in 5.1 to a 2.0 audience – producing surround sound when your audience is stereo - Florian Camerer, ORF and Matthieu Parmentier, FTV
New audio projects : in line with the SPG FAR - Gabriel Solsona, RTVE, Spain
3D audio - Matthieu Parmentier, FTV

Session 6: Storage
Future Storage Systems (FSS): challenges, priorities and deliverables - Chris Chambers, BBC
A SOA-based Archiving Process for news - Matthias Elser, IRT
Metadata & Storage Clouds: the VISION Cloud approach - Alberto Messina, RAI

Session 7: Metadata
Metadata and (audio) file transfer between ARD broadcasters - Katharina Giesen, BR
Notube : Integrating News and Social Networks through a Flexible and Personalised Model - Luca Vignaroli, RAI
The European portal to audiovisual archives, EUSCreen: core metadata behind the screen - Johan Oomen, Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision; Vassilis Tzouvaras, Technical University Athens
Implementing core metadata in Asset Management at Mediacorp, Singapore -Nedved Yang Yong, Mediacorp

Super High Vision
NHK: Super High Vision – High frame rate and better colours, Masayuki Sugawara, NHK


Closing Session

PTS 2012 in a nutshell, Hans Hoffmann, EBU