Media CyberSecurity Seminar 2020

Online (09:00AM - 02.00PM CET)

Normally held at EBU headquarters in Geneva, the EBU Media Cybersecurity Seminar 2020 is a fully virtual event due to the ongoing COVID-19-related restrictions. A special pricing policy with reduced fees applies for the year 2020.

MCS 2020 assembles a line-up of leading security experts in the media industry for an exchange on current online security risks, mitigation strategies and industry trends.

MCS is the only industry event focusing on cybersecurity issues for media in general and public service media in particular. It combines presentations on real-world issues with a focus on practical strategies for media organizations, and adds valuable networking opportunities for experts and professionals in the field.

On the agenda

  • Broadcast infrastructure security
  • Supply chain security
  • Social engineering
  • Risk assessment
  • Corporate IT security
  • Learning from a crisis (COVID-19)
  • ... and all that with real stories and case-studies from the broadcast world



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