EBU @ IBC 2013 Conference

The EBU has produced two sessions for the IBC Conference 2013.



Saturday 14 September; 15.30-17.00; Emerald Room
Public broadcasters, with their long history and central role in civil, social and political life, are not always seen as being at the leading edge of technology. However, right across the EBU membership we can find organizations breaking new ground with services, platforms and projects, demonstrating that innovation is alive and well in public service media.
This session, chaired by new EBU Director of Technology & Innovation Simon Fell, will showcase six projects from six different broadcasters across Europe, each one an example of public service media taking the lead on production or distribution technology development.

• Learn how Swedish broadcaster SVT streams almost its entire output online, alongside its substantial archive, racking up more than 600 million video starts in 2012 alone.
• Hear how RTBF in Belgium has developed a tool that uses the power of semantic web and open linked data sources to change the way that journalists engage and work with content and data from multiple sources.
• Explore the cutting edge of immersive audio technologies on the Radio France nouvOson platform, part of a new wave of adventures in binaural sound.
• Hear how Norway is setting an example for others to follow in moving quickly towards switching off the FM radio platform, with a fully digital market expected as early as January 2017.
• See how the growth of apps and tablets has opened up new avenues for broadcasters to explore, with an exciting new development from the public broadcasters in the Netherlands.
• Find out about Europe’s first tests of UHDTV over DVB-T2, mounted earlier this year by Spanish broadcaster RTVE with the EBU and other  partners.


Monday 16 September; 08.00-09.15; Emerald Room
The EBU's recommendation on Loudness, R 128, has seen huge success in recent years with high levels of interest and widespread adoption. Building on the popularity of last year's first EBU Loudness Breakfast at IBC, this year we are once again inviting everyone involved in loudness - engineers, tonmeisters, and developers and vendors of products - to share their experiences.


The session will include a review of the current state of play, including progress in adopting the standards, ways to maintain loudness in music production, applications for radio, issues around automation and distribution, and the management of loudness in the cinema.


Florian Camerer (ORF and EBU PLOUD chair) will host a panel including Thomas Lund (TCElectronics), Eelco Grimm (Grimm Audio) and Bosse Ternström (Swedish Radio).


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