The Impact of AI on Media

08 - 09 Nov 2018
EBU, Geneva

This event is only available to EBU Members.

This workshop provides vital information concerning Artificial Intelligence and its impact on broadcasting. It targets CEOs, CTOs, strategists, workflow architects and project managers wanting to better understand key aspects of AI in order to develop appropriate strategies and business plans.

On the Agenda

  • What is AI, practically?
  • What can reasonably be expected?
  • What motivates adopters?
  • Where is the technology in the hype cycle?
  • Where is the broadcasting industry in its use of AI?
  • What are the success stories?
  • How can available technologies help address operational needs in news, sports and archives?
  • What are the pitfalls in therms of security, data protection and ethics?
  • Where will we be in 10 years?

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