Broadcast Technology Futures Group Report 2020

What happens next? A vision of the future media landscape from the perspective of current public service media Research & Development.

Open file (pdf, 11.7 MB)

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This report by the 'Broadcast Technology Futures group', a group of Innovation and R&D laboratories of PSM Members who believe that, as part of the public service mission, these labs should strive to bring to the public they serve the best that technology can viably and practically offer.

This report explores three major future trends

  1. The rise of ‘ambient media’
  2. The rise of ‘rich production’ for media content
  3. The rise of ‘cooperative delivery’

Over time, R&D can save operating costs, can directly generate income, and can spawn valuable new services. As the Controller of the BBC R&D Department calculated several years ago: “Every pound spent by BBC R&D delivers a return of at least five to nine pounds”.


  • BBC R&D
  • IRT
  • VRT
  • YLE
  • EBU Technology & Innovation