Production Technology Seminar 2008

Under the chairmanship of Ave Wrigley (ITN), on day one various broadcasters showed their approach in setting up production tools for cross-media distribution. Examples included the VRT's integrated media factory's design and DR's 'Update', which pushes cost-efficient news production to the edge. The Portivity project was also featured, as its partners are developing a complete end-to-end platform for rich media interatctive TV services.

HDTV and audio

Day two was dedicated to HDTV and the accompanying audio. Chaired by BBC's Andy Quested, key industry players briefed the audience on the latest HDTV developments from Europe and other continents. Intercontinental guests included Ted Szypulski (ESPN), who provided the audience a peek behind the scenes of ESPN Sports production and Masayuki Sugawara (NHK), who peeked into the future with a presentation on UHDTV.

The yearly seminar is a good place to meet industry peers ->




The last day of the seminar, one could call the 'abbreviation explanation day'. Topics included BXF, MXF, NewsML G2 and SOA. There also was a presentation by Peter Symes (SMPTE) on the work of the EBU-SMPTE Task Force on Time and Sync. And that's quite an appropriate way to look at the Seminar itself: dedicating some 'time to sync' on the state of our industry. The EBU's Technical team certainly hopes to welcome you next year!


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