Services Oriented Archictectures - 1/3

SOA in IP and file-based media production

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an IT infrastructure concept that allows developing different end-to-end business applications through the 'orchestrated' exchange of data using IP-based protocols through a succession of processes defined as (web) services.


The CP simplified production model  (click to enlarge)

The MIM-FIMS is directly connected to the EBU-AMWA FIMS project. MIM-FIMS builds on the EBU experience in the CP (Common Processes for news and drama) and NP (Networked Production on SOA and file formats) projects.


The first challenge for a project like EBU-AMWA FIMS is the identification of eligible 'services', made of processes or groups of processes. FIMS 1.1 addresses 'acquisition', 'transform', 'transfer' and "repositories". Examples of implementations are available in both SOAP and REST..


Service based architectures are more agile, flexible, scalable, prevent vendor lock-in and allows users implementing best of breed products and applications in their workflows.


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