Digital Radio Summit 2017

Each year we host a series of events during the EBU Digital Radio Week. These include our annual EBU RadioHack and the Digital Radio Summit, the presentations from which can be accessed below by EBU Members and Summit delegates.

Digital Radio Week 2017 also included a Hybrid Radio Seminar organized by RadioDNS, who also co-presented (with WorldDAB) a workshop on digital and hybrid radio in cars. For more information on those events, please contact RadioDNS.

Radio remains strong but faces challenges

There was a real sense of radio as a medium in flux at this year's Digital Radio Summit in Geneva (8 February). Delegates heard that there are many challenges facing broadcasters: streaming services and podcasts are becoming increasingly popular, particularly among younger audiences, and with voice-activated personal assistants (think Amazon's Alexa) hitting the mainstream, radio risks becoming just one of a raft of easily accessible listening options. more...

The participants list is available here.


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