White Paper - The Dynamic Media Facility - Value Chain Transformation

EBU WHITE PAPER 13-04-2023

The EBU envisions future media productions adopting highly flexible and dynamic technology approaches.

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In the fast-paced, ever-evolving world of media production, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) envisions a future where organizations adopt a highly flexible and dynamic technology approach.

EBU Members aim to create a seamless media production process by focusing on interoperable platform- and hardware-agnostic Software Media Functions (SMF) rather than on purpose-built hardware units.

This approach encourages the use of a unified infrastructure that enables customizable workflows, cost-effective scalability, and enhanced operational efficiency.

The EBU recommends the adoption of an IT-focused approach with best practices that involve developing solutions using a layered architecture and creating a unified infrastructure for media production. By leveraging advancements in hardware and provisioning technology, organizations can implement a container-based infrastructure that supports a variety of Software Media Functions (SMF).


Keywords: Interoperable platform, Hardware-agnostic, Software Media Functions, SMF, unified infrastructure, customizable workflows, cost-effective scalability.