EBU Members collaborating in the EBU Hybrid and Cloud-based Production community have analyzed typical implementation approaches and strategies and identified common risks and challenges that a public media organization needs to address before settling on its own cloud strategy and solutions.

Cloud-based and virtualized infrastructures can be an advantage in terms of scalability and cost structures. But which architecture and vendor to choose? Every organization is unique, and so every media technology strategist goes through this question when developing a cloud adoption strategy for media production. At least, it may seem so at first glance.

The EBU Strategic Overview of Cloud-based Production Technologies contains combines lessons learnt by public media organizations across Europe. It is now available for EBU Members and can be downloaded from the EBU Technology & Innovation publication library.

The report covers many strategic, technical, and behavioural considerations the come into play, including the standard APIs, vocabularies and visual language, the interoperability caveats, security and sustainability, financial predictability, emerging DevsecOps practices, and many others.

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