The Digital Media Value Chain - Modelling Core Business Objects and Processes in Digital Media Enterprises

Tech Report 041

This report presents a value chain model of business objects and the cycle of business processes in digital media enterprises.

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The scope of the model is end-to-end, representing all value adding activities by media enterprises and their consumers.

The model is simple and applicable to any type of media, content, method of production, distribution platform and way of consumption.

The February 2024 version (version 2.0) is renamed and is a major revision and extension of the initial, 2017 publication of the report.


The following translation of this document are available. Please note the translations may not be based on the latest version; see the year mentioned in brackets. These translations are courtesy of the translaters and hosted by the EBU 'as is'. The official and definitive version is the current EBU English version.

German version of EBU TR 041 [2017] - Kindly offered by SRG.


Key words: Business Process, Business Objects, Value Chain, Commissioning, Media Production, Publication, Distribution, Consumption, User Experience, Resonance, Demand, Digital Media.

All versions of this publication

Version   Date   Short description
2.0   2024, February   Current version - major update
1.0   2017, October   First version