The Technology Pyramid For Media Nodes

In order to achieve plug-and-play interoperability in ST-2110-based Live IP production infrastructures, a 'Full Stack' of protocols is sought. This slide details the 'Minimum Stack' of protocolls needed to achieve this goal.

Industry-wide consensus on all layers of interoperability between individual systems in an IP live production environment would remove most of the remaining hurdles faced by system architects when moving from the drawing board to the actual implementation of a facility design. This slide explains the minimal set of relevant layers and standards that, once properly orchestrated, would greatly reduce the complexity of building and maintaining facilities based on the 'lingua franca' of many modern IP production environments – the SMPTE ST 2110 standard. The EBU Production Infrastructures group proposes protocols required in order to enable missing functionalities such as unit discovery, automatic allocation for multi-cast IP addresses, PTP management, and more.