Quality Control Workshop

Click on the links below to download PDFs of the presentations - videos will follow in the coming days.


Quality as a product and marketing tool - Jane Fielder (Red Bee Media)

QC: the Essentials

The File - Measurement, analysis and tools - Martin Kaiser (RBT)
The File - Measurement, analysis and tools - Friedrich Gierlinger (IRT)
The Essence - Roman Meszmer (ORF) & Peter Schallauer (Joanneum Research)

QC: the Operation

QC end-to-end - Martin Jacober (SRG-SSR)
QC in gateways - Michael Nash (Signiant)
QC for ingest - Dirk Kolditz (RTL2) & Jörg Houpert (Cube-Tec International)
QC integration - dealing with business processes, production houses and tool vendors - Rowan de Pomerai (BBC) & Jozsef Pinter (Interra Systems)
QC as a business - Michael Beard (Ericsson)
QC at FranceTV - providing unified QC tools to external programme contributors - Matthieu Parmentier (FranceTV)

QC: the Output

• The Top 20 things to check - Andy Quested (BBC), Reinhard Knör (IRT), Eric Carson (Digimetrics)

QC: the Group

Group results and planning - Reinhard Knör, Roman Meszmer & Andy Quested

Event wrap-up - Frans de Jong (EBU)

For more information on this topic, contact: Frans de Jong (EBU) or Elisabeth Ecoffey (EBU).


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