Methods for the Measurement of the performance of Studio Monitors

EBU Tech 3325

This document (v2.0) describes the measurement methods and procedures for video monitors used in broadcast environments.

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This new version (2.0) describes measurement methods and procedures for High Definition and Ultra-High-Definition video monitors used in broadcast environments. The measurement methods and procedures are independent of the classification of video monitors, and their application areas in television production. Both Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) displays and High Dynamic Range (HDR) displays are dealt with. Additionally, the description of the test patterns used, originally published as part of supplement 1 to the original Tech 3325, has now been integrated into Tech 3325 version 2.0.

As the transfer functions for HDR are complex and cannot be represented by a single numerical figure, a new Supplement 2 to this document in the form of an Excel Spreadsheet is provided to calculate the applicable tolerance in transfer function for HLG and PQ.

Associated with this publication is a set of downloadable test patterns.

Keywords: Professional Video Monitor, Performance Measurement, SDR, HDR, HLG, PQ.


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All versions of this publication

Version   Date   Short description
2.0   2022   New version (now containing content of Supplement 1)
1.0   2008   First version (SD & HD, no HDR)