RF64: An Extended File Format for Audio

EBU Tech 3306

The 64-bit audio file format meets the requirements for NGA and multichannel sound in broadcasting and audio archiving. As with the 16-bit BWF it is based on the Microsoft RIFF/WAVE format.

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EBU Tech 3306 was a major source for Recommendation ITU-R BS.2088, which has effectively superseded the EBU specification. This final, version 2 is therefore a pointer document to the ITU specification. The EBU will no longer develop Tech 3306. Previous versions are available below.

All versions of this publication

Version  Date Description
2.0 June 2018 Points to Recommendation ITU-R BS.2088
1.1 July 2009 Added a <r64m> marker chunk to replace the functionality of the <cue> chunk.
1.0 Feb. 2007 Initial version