BISS2 Basic Interoperable Scrambling System - v3.0

EBU Tech 3292

This document describes the revised version, BISS2, of the Basic Interoperable Scrambling System.

Open file (pdf, 0.8 MB)

It supersedes the 2002 version of the BISS protocol (BISS1). The new version of the protocol, BISS2, replaces the encryption and scrambling algorithms DES and DVB-CSA with more secure and robust state of the art algorithms; AES-128 for session word encryption and DVB-CISSA for stream scrambling, respectively.

It further expands the capabilities of the protocol with a fourth conditional access mode, BISS Mode CA. The additional mode addresses the commercial requirement of in-stream key exchange with real-time addition and revocation of receivers. BISS-CA further allows the sender to enforce stream security beyond the receiver either mandating additional features such as watermarking or pre-empting stream forwarding. Due to its complexity, BISS-CA is defined in the supplement EBU Tech 3292s1.