CDN Workshop

The OCEAN project (Open Content Aware Networks) aims to find solutions to the imminent problem of multimedia content traffic clogging up future aggregation networks, as the offering of online video of high quality over the open internet continues to increase. OCEAN will design a new open content delivery framework that optimizes the overall quality of experience to end-users by caching content closer to the user than traditional CDNs do and by deploying network-controlled, scalable and adaptive content delivery techniques.

The EBU is one of 9 partners in the project and is mainly involved with requirements, use cases and dissemination work. This workshop was designed to help contribute to these aims.

Download the Presentations

These presentations are available to all, however you must be signed in to the website to access them.

Introduction: CDNs and Broadcasters - Bram Tullemans (EBU)
Trends & Opportunites for the Content Providers - Yannick le Louédec (Orange Labs)
Next Generation CDN Architectures - Chris Hawinkel (Alcatel-Lucent)
The CDN Business Case for Content Providers - Vincent Bonneau
CDN Deployment - Marcin Pilarski (Orange Labs)
Upcoming Standards for CDN interconnection - Dr M. Oskar van Deventer (TNO)

Videos of the above presentations will be available shortly.




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