The Open Source Meetup at IBC featured a series of 5 minutes lightning talks on open source projects and use cases from the broadcast domain, covering topics such as production, contribution and distribution. For example: graphics and video play-out, audio & video encoding, transcoding in the cloud, DAB+ radio broadcasting and more!


17:00       Frans de Jong (EBU) Intro, EBU activities related to open source in broadcasting
17:05 Didi Kunz (Tele1)      CasparCG + video (wmv)
17:10 Chris Smith (Sky News) Uses of Open Source at Sky News
17:15 Emmanuel Adelguer (TraceTV)  Why open source lets me sleep at night
17:20 James Harrison   OpenOB Audio over IP for contribution
17:25 Mark Himsley (BBC News)      FFmbc
17:30 Christophe Massiot (OpenHeadend) OSS Bricks for Television headends
17:35 Romain Bouqueau   GPAC
17:40 Derek Buitenhuis (Vimeo) Transcoding video in the cloud for a Top 5 video site
17:45 Jaron Vietor   Open source media server MistServer
17:50 Mathias Coinchon  DAB+ local radio broadcasting using mmbtools
17:55 Simon Thompson (BBC R&D) Obstacles to using current FLOSS projects for UHDTV
18:00 Phil Tudor (BBC R&D) Commonwealth Games / IP studio
18:05 Chris Needham (BBC R&D) Cross Platform Authentication