The 8th meeting of the joint EBU-SMPTE Task Force on Timing and Synchronisation is currently being held in Atlanta at Turner Broadcasting. Experts from industry and broadcasters are preparing the details on the standardisation request to SMPTE for technologies that facilitate Time Labelling and synchronised real-time media over IT networks. The Time Labelling solution is meant as a replacement for SMPTE 12M Time Code systems.




Synchronised media over networks


The goal is to make dedicated infrastructures such as black burst become redundant. This should result in cost savings for future IT-based broadcast facility designs. Aside from the theoretical work, practical proof of concept demonstrations are given to show how professional synchronisation, formerly done with black burst via dedicated coax-cables, can now be transmitted via IT networks using the IEEE 1588 concept.

More information on this topic can be obtained from: Dr Hans Hoffmann .



 Proof-of-concept demonstration as used during the meeting

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