EBU TECHNICAL is pleased to announce that its three audio test CDs (SQAM, PEQS and Euroradio tests) are now available to download in the FLAC lossless compression format from this website.


The CDs have always been mailed to anyone who wants them, and this will continue to be the case, but it is hoped that these downloads will cater to those more interested in the content than the carrier.


Where to get the downloads  

SQAM_FLAC.zip and booklet

PEQS_FLAC.zip and booklet

Eradio_FLAC.zip and booklet

How to Use the Downloads


The zip files  (which of course must be unzipped) contain FLAC files for each of the tracks on their respective CD. These FLAC files (Free Lossless Audio Coding) can very probably be played on your computer in your favourite software player - you may need an appropriate plug-in to do this.


Using conversion software (such as dBpoweramp Music Converter) the FLAC files can be restored to their .WAV equivalents, and from these .WAV files you can burn an audio CD that will play on any modern CD player.

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