The EBU 3D-TV Study Group kicked-off at the EBU headquarters in Geneva yesterday and defined its workplan in detail. Led by BBC’s HD and 3D guru Andy Quested, the cross-industry group has decided to start with a reality check amongst the EBU Members to establish how important 3D actually is. What strategies and requirements are there? And what actions do broadcasters currently see for the 3D-TV area? 


If you are an EBU Member, you are invited to respond to this short (6-question) survey , to help build a full 3D picture of the status in Europe. 


To inform and educate  

The 3D Group will report the survey results early June. Other objectives include providing strategic information on the 3D developments to the broadcasters’ general management, giving objective information on 3D-TV technologies and their standardisation, and gathering standardisation input from EBU members.



3D-TV Masterclass  

Training and education of broadcasters’ creative and operational staff is vital and will be an important part of the group's work. To start this process there will be a 3D-TV Masterclass run as a collaboration between EBU Technical and EBU Training  at  the Swiss public broadcasters’ facilities company TPC in Zürich, which already has several years of 3D experience.



Join the Group  

If your organisation is working on 3D-TV, you are warmly invited to join the EBU 3D Group. Go here for more information and to register.

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