We often hear that the solutions to some of the challenges facing broadcasters today may be found in "the Cloud". IT-based technology, using software and IP networking, is gradually replacing the dedicated systems and interfaces that have traditionally been used for broadcast production. In this new world fresh possibilities arise for broadcasters to change their approach to infrastructure and workflow planning, taking advantage of cloud-based services.

But what do we really mean when we refer to the Cloud? What kinds of activity might be carried out as part of cloud services? And what are the implications for companies considering a move to the cloud? The latest addition to the series of David Wood on... videos sees our explainer-in-chief take up the challenge of bringing clarity to clouds.

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EBU Members that want to explore the topic of cloud-based technologies in more depth are advised to participant in the Strategic Programmes that are active in this space: Future Networks and Storage Systems, looking at requirements for production and contribution, and Broadband Networks, which focuses on the delivery domain.

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