Austrian broadcaster ORF has taken first place at this year’s EBU Technology & Innovation Awards with its AIDITOR platform, a project that is propelling ORF to the frontiers of AI usage in programme making.

Using AIDITOR, ORF staff can interact with, and experiment with, multiple cutting-edge AI technologies and services. The platform helps ORF to innovate and drive forward its development and use of AI powered solutions.

Valentina Piffaretti from Swiss broadcaster SSR/SRG, and Selin Güngör of Turkish Radio and Television (TRT), both received the Young Technology Talent Award for outstanding project work at their respective organizations.

The EBU annually invites award proposals for exceptional media technology developments, as well as for exceptional work by young technologists. 2024 brought a host of proposals for very worthy projects. Winners are identified through a tally of points awarded by the individual members of the EBU Technical Committee.

ERT’s Michael Nugent, Chair of the EBU Technical Committee, said, “the AIDITOR project is the beginning of a great new age for content production using AI”. EBU’s Antonio Arcidiacono, Director of Technology & Innovation, added, “with projects such as AIDITOR we can begin to see how the magic of AI will mean better programmes and greater efficiency”.

There were two high scoring runners-up for the 2024 Technology & Innovation Awards.

One runner-up was France Télévision’s solution for bringing live images of the 2024 Olympic Flame’s journey to Paris to the world, using an innovative combination of cloud services and private 5G links.

The other runner-up was the BBC News Labs’ use of C2PA technology for content provenance tracking, allowing BBC to add proof of authenticity to news sources and content, and allowing its audiences to better distinguish reliable reporting from unverified reports on the internet. BBC is also a formative member of the C2PA group that established the standard.

Young Technology Talent Award

The Young Technology Talent Award recognizes outstanding work by young technologists. The 2024 Award went to two equally high-scoring individuals.

Selin Güngör of Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) received the Award for her work on an improved strategy to detect fake news.

Valentina Piffaretti from Swiss broadcaster SSR/SRG received the Award for her analysis of the SRG/SSR’s challenges and needs in business continuity.

The EBU Technical Committee (2022-2024) congratulates the winners ORF, Valentina Piffaretti, and Selin Güngör.

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