EBU Members considering a move towards IP-based production infrastructure will soon have another stepping stone available to them: The EBU is introducing the Live IP Media Sandbox, an IP-based media production facility in a nutshell that Members can use to gain familiarity and explore scenarios.

Housed in two flight racks, the initiative aims to provide EBU Members with both theoretical and practical knowledge, with a strong emphasis on hands-on experience. This is in response to the significant skill gap faced by Members transitioning to IP-based media production.

The Live IP Media Sandbox serves a dual purpose: it acts as an educational tool and a pre-built proof of concept (PoC) for Members planning their first IP-based projects. By offering two alternatives for most system component, the Sandbox allows Members to evaluate different options and make informed procurement decisions.

Members can have the racks shipped to their premises, where EBU experts will provide on-site guidance and training for about a week. After the initial training, the racks remain on-site for an extended period, typically a month, allowing ample time for staff to gain practical experience.

To further support this transition, the EBU Academy offers dedicated training courses. These include "Preparing Your Move to Live IP Production" and "Live IP Essentials," both available online and on-demand to complement the Live IP Sandbox experience.

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