Every month, the EBU AI and Data Initiative’s (AIDI) features an EBU Member organization's work on AI and Data in a series of Spotlight events. The next AIDI Spotlight on Monday 30 October, 16:00-17:30 CET, will showcase the work of France Télévisions.

France Télévisions: Data and AI at the service of content and beyond

The Spotlight event's agenda includes France Télévisions’ work on content, audiences and support services, the use of generative AI, and cross-functional governance between news and innovation.

"AI and data are at the heart of content creation and distribution", France Télévisions write. "We utilize user data to improve the experience, as our content becomes progressively better indexed and more accessible. But our commitment to data doesn't stop with our primary mission: The French public service broadcaster is also helping various support functions to better understand and leverage their data to benefit our employees.

"For all of us in the industry, generative AI profoundly affects content creation and distribution, particularly in news coverage where issues like Fake News and transparency are paramount. In this Spotlight, our News MediaLab outlines its generative AI strategy, which spans across all our professions. Méta-Media, our observatory and foresight division, also revisits the Generative AI TrendBook released this summer, demystifying the technology and aligning it with real-world applications.”

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