The annual EBU Media Cybersecurity Seminar is back, bringing together the brightest minds in media security at European public service media organizations and beyond. Set to unfold over two days, MCS 2023 promises a rich exchange of insights, on latest trends, the impact of maturing technologies such as AI, and best practices to safeguard media organizations on all levels.

For the first time, this edition of MCS includes a highly interactive “unconference” element on day 2, allowing each participant to zone in on topics that matter most to them at home, with expert participants who share the same interests.

Protect now, for the future

The starting point for the 2023 edition of MCS is be a keynote that focuses on every media organization’s most important assets: its journalists. Oksana Baldina from Hromadske Radio will be shedding light on the challenge of digital safety for Ukrainian journalists in war times.

From there the conference will establish an overview of the threat landscape and the most pressing cyber threats and vulnerabilities, seen and unseen, that have occurred in 2023 so far.

A look at the evolving policy landscape and a number of case studies by leading experts, including on cybersecurity for the world’s largest pop-cultural event – the Eurovision Song Contest – then provide the context for later discussions on best practice and consideration on how to prepare for the threats of tomorrow, today.

The conference will culminate in a social event, providing the perfect platform for networking and informal discussions, and a good primer for day 2!

A paradigm shift – the unconference

On the second day, the seminar takes a bold step with an innovative format – the unconference. This groundbreaking approach fosters collaboration, innovation, and meaningful connections among attendees.

With no predetermined agendas or speaker line-ups, participants have the power to shape the discussions and set the course for the day. The evolving agenda is itself a takeaway, providing a heatmap of where the expert community sees challenges and the need for exploration and work. Come along and experience it for yourself!

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