With the 28th EBU Technical Assembly to be hosted by France Télévisions in Montpellier, the June 2022 issue of tech-i magazine visits the broadcaster's impressive production facility just outside the city in Vendargues. It is a one-stop shop for producing films and series, with studios, sets – real and virtual – and post-production facilities all available on-site.

An incredible 260 episodes of the soap opera Un si grand soleil are shot at Vendargues each year, taking advantage of the on-site expertise in the use of virtual sets to attain high-quality production values. Read all about it on pages 10–11.

In his editorial, EBU T&I Director Antonio Arcidiacono argues that the ongoing war in Ukraine and the COVID-19 pandemic both offer ample evidence of the need for resilient distribution networks, providing stability and long-term certainty, and with sufficient spectrum resources to support the broadcast-based elements.

Ensuring the contribution and distribution of information remains active, even when key infrastructure is destroyed, is a fundamental requirement for any democratic society. A modern distribution network should be regarded as critical national infrastructure. It is a strategic resource allowing access to multiple and trusted sources of education and information, supporting public safety and democratic life. (See page 3.)

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